Thursday, February 14, 2008

I Suppose More People Stumble Upon My Blog Than I Thought.

Yesterday I reviewed the new and different Promax bars after rediscovering them in new, zero Trans Fat form. Tonight I noticed a comment to my review which I am reproducing here:

Glad to hear that you are back on the Promax bars. We are striving to make them as healthy as possible and as such have removed all artifical ingredients and made them all natural. If you like the Promax flavors ( Double fudge and Cookies & Cream) and you really want a great tasting protein shake, you should try our Promax Protein shake with 33g of protein, 0 trans fat and 1/2 the fat of the other leading brands. A great choice. You can buy it online at and


Tim Welch
Promax Nutrition Corp

Well I'll be damned. I just Googled "Promax" and my blog didn't come up on the first page, nor for any other obvious search thread I could think of. So is it possible that the Promax President randomly reads my blog, having been directed here from some other source? Man, I really need to return to blogging more often.

And Tim, if the Promax shake tastes anywhere near as good as Muscle Milk and won't fry my brain, I'll be a customer!


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