Monday, July 21, 2008

The Last Salad You'll Ever Eat.

Man, I wish they would do this in Texas.


The Outback Bloomin' Onion, mentioned in the article, is actually one of the few calorie-bombs I underestimated before I started perusing calories contents online years ago. Who'd have thought that the BO was not only massively unhealthy, but one of the worst possible items that you can order from a restaurant?

This goes back to my general sentiment these days that more should be done to educate the public; food is another area where I believe people are just flat-out ignorant. At least if everyone can see the data right there in front of them, they have no one to blame but themselves as the scale starts moving toward "obese."

Man, now I'm in the mood for a Big Mac. Seriously! I felt the same way after I saw "Super Size Me." I have known for a long time that it's not the sandwich that kills you, it's the sandwich plus the fries plus the pointless large soda. Hence I occasionally enjoy junking out on a DeathBurger here and there. But then again, the reason I can afford to eat that is because I work out like a maniac. Today when I got home from work I was in no mood to exercise, but despite that ran 3 miles and afterward did 100 pushups and 100 crunches.

Mmm...Big Mac...