Sunday, January 01, 2006


-Jade Village is the shit...
Hunan Chicken

-Hollywood will be Sam Restivo’s bitch by 2007(ish).

-My friend Chanan’s TV is absolutely ridiculous. Which is the point.

-I played the best golf of my life yesterday, since we obviously didn’t have time to play all 18 holes.

-My short game is wretched.

-My mom’s creamed onions are still a thing of myth and legend.

-What happens *after* aforementioned creamed onions are consumed is still a thing of myth and legend.

-“Lost” lives up to the hype.

-Nike Shox Turbo are incredibly comfortable.

-Once you get used to wearing Nike Dri-Fit products while exercising, it’s hard to wear anything else.

-Diamond pushups are very difficult.

-Have you ever heard the Melvins? If not, start with “Houdini” and branch out from there (their body of work is massive).

-The brush fires going on in DFW are scary – rain, rain, come back to us…