Thursday, June 29, 2006

"Superman Returns."

The soon-to-be Badger's wife claims that I was more excited about the arrival of a new Superman movie than our wedding. Clearly that's not true, but I was certainly extremely excited. I took great pains to avoid reading critics' comments beforehand, and I'm glad I did. Yesterday, at 8 p.m., I experienced one of the most satisfying movie experiences of my entire life. The movie was perfect.

I'll spare you any plot commentary since I doubt you've seen it yet, but for 2.5 hours the director and cast created a world where you can really imagine Superman existing in your life. You feel a sense of joy and pride that he's returned home after having been gone for 5 years, and more importantly (and more difficult to pull off), the relationships among all the characters flow well and are believable (as believable as can be for a man from another planet, at least).

I encourage you to see the movie without bias, then go check out some of the reviews. I just read Roger Ebert's, and although I will always respect his tremendous writing abilities, he continues to lose points with me for his "I've been a movie critic for a bazillion years so I'm jaded as hell" attitude and casual declaration of non-obvious plot points that should be left to the viewer's surprise.

Bottom line - if you enjoyed the first two Superman movies (which are near the top of my list), you will love this one.


Anonymous bramick said...

Looks like someone else went to see the movie as well. I agree it's a must see.
My Review

9:23 AM  
Anonymous Radiohou said...

Yes, Badger, for that special period--when you were chortling exuberantly and pumping your fist every two minutes--I too believed that Superman existed in my life. Then, I realized I'm not 12 anymore. Ceremony.

12:37 PM  

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