Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Calm Before the Storm.

It's an interesting, unsettling feeling when you take a few minutes to relax, watch TV, and shut down your brain, knowing that those few minutes could have, and probably should have, been spent analyzing and strategizing for what will probably be the most hectic two months of your life forthcoming. But you’ve just finished running another 3 miles, you’re dead tired, and your brain isn’t feeling very active. The cherry on top is the looming fact that you have an EE (Electrical Engineering, for you non-nerds) undergraduate degree, are working a strictly-EE job, but you’re about to get your MBA and you have no idea how you will convince companies that you’re the right fit for a business job, partially due to the fact that it’s a very daunting task to make C++ programming experience sound compatible to finance or marketing jobs.

Instead, you decide to sleep.


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