Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Run, Badger, Run!

Today training begins for the trifecta of half-marathons Mrs. Badger and I will have run after November 5. We ran our first Half together while dating and our second while engaged, so it only makes sense to bring them full-circle with one married Half under our belt as well. Then, on November 5, somewhere around 10 a.m., I will once again retire from running, only to come back for brief, mediocre cameos over and over again, much like a professional athlete or rapper that just can’t leave well enough alone.

Goals for this year:

-Attempt to be photographed with a look that trumps the agony of The Half 2005.
-Turn around the inverse improvement trend currently implemented.
-Two words – huge calves. I must have them!
-Investigate whether it’s possible to do schoolwork while running long distances.
-Keeping hitting the gym as well, to avoid shrinking into stick-figure-Badger.
-Color-coordinate all outfits to look stylish while wearing aforementioned expression of agony (“Is he okay?!” “I’m not sure, but those Dri-Fit threads are nice.”).

I’ll try to keep you all updated with the training log, since my brain has been a vacuous wasteland of late, sapped of anything intelligible to say due to schoolwork overload. 2 more months…


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