Sunday, July 23, 2006

"Black Holes and Revelations."

If you're looking for some new music, I recommend the new Muse CD, Black Holes and Revelations. I first heard Muse at the cochlea Music Festival in 2004, and was blown away by their live show. So blown away, in fact, that the first stop I made after the Festival was a music store to buy Absolution. That album is good, but moderate amount of repetitiveness prevent it from being one of those albums that I listen to on endless loops in my car for weeks at a time.

That has changed with BH&R. The opening track maintains the typical Muse "bombastic opener" requirement, and sets the stage for a swooping, epic 40 minutes of rock n' roll. If you're feeling squirrel and want a sampler, my current top 3 are "Starlight," "Assassin," and "City of Delusion." The album is excellent as a cohesive whole, though, and is currently on spin number 10 or so since I bought it last week.


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