Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bad News ADD.

Throughout the morning I've seen no headlines beside those of Superterrorist's proclamations of "I am responsible for every act of terrorism or anything else bad that has ever happened. E-V-E-R. Your grandma passed away last night? Me. Your dog took a shit on your carpet? Me. Bring it!" So it's interesting, shall I say, to see that the first headline to trump such "mass destruction" is that Al Sharpton thinks a witness is "suspicious"! I'm not kidding! Thank you, Al Sharpton, for telling me what your opinion is. I now feel enlightened.

Summary - what news is more important than the topic of death and destruction of our country by psychotic terrorists? Any case where there may have been racial profiling. Head for the hills, people!

Perish the thought, but maybe a few guys were going to their car to get a gun, and the police had to open fire to avoid getting shot. Not 'till you're friends with a cop do you understand how screwed up people are in general...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

4:24 PM  

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