Wednesday, March 14, 2007

American Idol Last Night.

Yesterday I got my first chance to catch American Idol this year. I must say, I am a bit surprised – I typically find that at least 5-6 contestants are truly talented and have some remote chance at winning the big prize, but this year is basically a crap-fest. It didn’t help to see contestant #1, Brandon Rogers, butcher “You Can’t Hurry Love” and forget the words. It’s fortunate that next up to bat was Melinda Doolittle, who has an amazing voice and a great attitude about her. It’ll be interesting to see how her demeanor changes, if at all, as she becomes more famous with each week that goes by.

Then there’s LaKisha Jones. What a voice. Wow.

The only guy in the competition that I found interesting was Blake Lewis, because if anything, he is Justin Timberlake’s long-lost, neglected twin. I mean, come on. The singing, the falsetto, the dancing, the beat-boxing? Is there room for another Justin on the airwaves?

I’d guess at who will get the axe this week, but the competition for biggest loser is so intense that I’m sure to fail. Your thoughts?


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