Monday, March 05, 2007


I've been playing a lot of tennis lately. When I play, I tend to get home, head to the court, play for a couple hours, head back, eat, shower, etc., and when all is said and done, the day is basically gone. Hence, you have a lack of blog posts.

I have my first tournament of the year this weekend, the Fort Worth Spring Open. I'll try to maintain an account as melodramatic as the last one.

On a side-note, Scatterbrain started shedding many e-tears the other day, when I Googled "Scatterbrain Blog" and didn't even see the blog on the entire first page! I used to be the first result! It pains me. But this is what happens when I don't write enough. So thank you, Google, for encouraging me to be more prolific.

P.S. I owe a lot of taxes this year. Shit.


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