Sunday, May 13, 2007


Today I won the North Richland Hills 4.5 Singles. Here is an action shot:

Here's what I got for the effort - I have to admit, this is pretty cool. It's a glass trophy with a player etched inside the glass.

As far as today's match went, it was a bit of a mixed bag - I had my moments of good play, and also some pretty dismal ones. I'd like to thank the sun for today's lows, where around 1:30 pm when I tossed up the ball for a serve I literally couldn't see a thing from that point for 5 seconds or so. I actually ended up "dinking" a few serves in the last game I was so helpless against the sun, which I haven't done since I was, oh, about 14 years old (that's when I started playing).
That's about all I had for this update. Time to get some rest.


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