Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Official Scatterbrain LOST Theory.

LOST rules. I have loved the last few episodes and am dying to see how this turns out as the urgency rises, along with everyone's distrust. This morning I've been reading a lot of commentary from people saying "boy, they sure are hinting toward that purgatory thing" even though the producers have already nixed this theory.

Which, of course, got me to thinking about the expression "fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me" - the bottom line here is that we are being taken for a ride. I actually believed that Juliette was spurned by the Others and was going to make a change (cue the Michael Jackson) until the show hit us with the dubious tape-message. They got me. Even worse, they may have gotten me TWICE, because the message made us all realize "how could we be so stupid? She's still one of them!" Now I'm thinking that's not the case. She's stringing Ben along while she and Jack execute a plot to get everyone out of the mess they are in.

Also - location, location, location. South Pacific? I don't think so. I'm thinking about the Truman Show. Scientists create a massive bio dome with fascinating properties that will make the world a better place - perhaps it's powered by the mysterious magnetic (or whatever) core. However, they have found that under these conditions, we simply cannot create new life. The Others are a group of scientists recruited to fix this problem. The Losties, who are really a recurring group (i.e. there have been more groups like this in the past and there will be more until the problem is solved), are people "recruited" with dubious characteristics such that their disappearance from society will have minimal impact, while they have maximum impact in the space of the bio dome. Kind of like a spinal surgeon who has big problems in real life, and disappears to make a big impact in the dome. Or an attractive fugitive trying to outrun her past, but who makes a great "sample" to get impregnated as she's likely to hit it off with a couple other "specimens" on the island at some point.

Of course, none of this explains the smoke, unless it's a contraption designed by the dome creators to eliminate subjects that prove to be too dangerous to the experiment. But then even more wacky are the randomly appearing characters from people's pasts, including ones that are supposed to be dead. We'll just brush that one under the carpet for now. And the numbers. And a lot of other stuff. Crap.

There you have it - the Official Scatterbrain LOST Theory.


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