Friday, June 22, 2007

Billy Corgan: Explain Yourself!

Am I hallucinating, or is this reality? For those of you too lazy to click away, the link says that the upcoming Smashing Pumpkins release Zietgeist will be released in 4 different versions - one for Best Buy, one for Target, one for iTunes, and one for everyone else. The first three will contain a "bonus track" and the last will be the "no bonus track" version that everyone else gets.

What the fuck?! This isn't the same Billy Corgan that gave the finger to his old record label and threw caution to the wind in releasing Machina II: Friends and Enemies of Modern Music by giving a few records to friends and letting it spread on the internet only. "Take that, corporate rock!" So what the hell is this nonsense?!

Corgan has a history of stream-of-consciousness blog entries about various topics, so here's to hoping that he explains what the hell he's thinking regarding this shamelessly money-grubbing move. Otherwise, on the day the new album is released, I'm going to buy the damn thing since I'm a psychotic Pumpkins fan, but I'm not going to be pleased about it. And I will pilfer the other bonus tracks remorselessly, asshole!*

*Maybe there is a good reason, and proceeds by people who've gotta have all versions of the album will be used to feed starving children in Africa, or to build a huge sign in Chicago that says "D'arcy and James - what now, bitches?"** If not though, you're an asshole, Corgan!

**Former Pumpkins who refused to reform the original band.


Blogger robby said...

this kind of crap pisses me off, too! since i buy most of my cds from Best Buy or Target, i often get some sort of "bonus track" that you have to go online to redeem (or sometimes they even come with the cd). the new lifehouse album comes to mind as it came with a track you have to redeem online. but the fact is, often times it's some lame song or live version of a lame song and it's not worth your time anyway. btw, i'm very excited about the new SP. hopefully they tour somewhere in the middle of the US before years end.

7:40 PM  

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