Friday, July 27, 2007

Miles' Balls: 2006-2007.

Today Miles got neutered. He's currently at home, extremely disgruntled.

Before we dropped him off at the vet, the Dr. told us "if he acts uninterested toward the wound, he should be basically normal. If he's acting like he wants to lick it, we'll have to put a cone on him." I knew immediately that he'd need a cone. Sure enough, we picked up our new lampshade-enhanced dog and he's not pleased about it. Additionally, as time has worn on, the original anesthesia he was given must be wearing out, because he's acting like it's very painful to walk. This seems logical since I can't imagine it would be comfortable to walk if my balls had been lopped off. However, the Dr. seemed to indicate that he'd want to run around like normal, which certainly isn't the case thus far (and most highly-scientific research I've conducted on internet message forums indicates that they are typically out of it for a couple days).

It should be interesting trying to sleep tonight with the whining-puppy-factor in full force. Hopefully he'll feel better tomorrow.


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Did you get him some

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