Sunday, February 17, 2008

The "AMEN" of the Month.

I just read this on TWM and must reference it here, because it's so absolutely dead-on that everyone needs to read it and nod their head in agreement:

When Arlen Specter stops investigating the New England Patriots and Congress finally tires of Roger Clemens, his wife, and his swollen, bleeding ass, perhaps they will remember that most of us in America are not nearly as concerned about the integrity of the game as we are about the integrity of our government. As long as the economy's tanking and the war's still raging and there are kids all over the country without decent (or any) health care, I think we can all get over the thought that Bill Belichick might have known the Rams' offensive formations, or that Roger Clemens' wife wanted to look good for her Sports Illustrated photo shoot. So cut the pandering, people, and remember your priorities.



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