Monday, April 21, 2008


-The wind has been blowing at 20+ mph in DFW for the last two months. This condition reminds me of what I perceive Seattle to be like, with the gloomy skies and frequent rain over the majority of the year – it wouldn’t bother me at first, but after a while it would start to grate on me. In DFW it’s often windy for a day or three, but lately it’s just been ridiculous.

-Yard work is a pain. This year my lawn has been a personal breeding ground for weeds of the world. I’ve hammered it with some spray-weed killer and last night I laid down some Weed n’ Feed. Hopefully the grass will start to look half-decent soon.

-The mood at work has been less than stellar lately. It is publicly released information that my employer has been going through reductions in force, but the actual experience is even worse than the concept. My wife was asking me the other day what I say to those that are leaving – the answer is “not much.” Usually someone comes by and says they’re heading out, and we say it was nice working with you, good luck, etc. I think in general though, this is a working environment, and no one wants to dwell on this stuff, so it’s more like ripping the band-aid off. People generally have a few words then get out as soon as possible.

-I’ve been pondering a lot lately what the impact is of being required to show up every day to slave away for “The Man” as opposed to having a personal business. The great benefit of my job is that it’s literally 40 hours, then I’m out. I have friends who are working on their own businesses on the side, putting in who-knows-how-many hours on the side, and they’ll probably have financial freedom from The Man within a few years. But at what cost? For about 5 years they will have been working almost every waking hour on their business, hours that I spend enjoying life with my wife and generally relaxing. It’s a fascinating trade-off – time now for time later.

-I played a league tennis match on Saturday and wound up facing my mirror-image – essentially another player that hit hard, solid groundstrokes off both sides in any direction, who was also extremely fast and hit great passing shots and lobs. The net result of all this was more groundstrokes than I’d ever hit in a match. I got a blister on my left hand (yes, left, and I’m right-handed) from hitting so many backhands. I wound up losing in a third-set tiebreaker and was simply out of gas. Yesterday, my wife and I did a tough workout at the gym. Today I feel massively sore and can barely move. And I love it!



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a perfectly scatterbrained entry! KA!

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