Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Apparently I Shamelessly Love Magic.

When Monika and I went on our Alaskan cruise a couple months ago, the most entertaining show we saw by an order of magnitude was The Great Gaetano. Yes, that's pronounced "Gay-Tano;" yes, he had the fiercest mullet I've ever seen; and yes, he was awesome. He and his assistant, Natasha (or something along those lines), demonstrated illusions of shock and awe to a packed house.

Right now I'm watching "Chris Angel: Mindfreak." I had seen a few ads in Rolling Stone for this show before, but I never thought to actually watch the show. I have to say, this is on TV, so who knows whether the illusions are enhanced in any way, but honestly I couldn't care less. The stuff this guy does is absolutely INSANE! Magic? Illusion? I don't care what you want to call it, this guy is massively entertaining no matter how you classify what he's doing. Check it out!


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