Monday, September 08, 2008


-I don't comment much on politics mainly because I am not a fan of either side and I'd rather have the option of voting for Great Candidate A or Wonderful Candidate B as opposed to the "douchebag or the turd sandwich." I'm looking forward to the debates, though, to reveal more about each candidate in terms of how they plan to structure their policies and how they react to some (hopefully) tough questions.

-I'm being banished to "the tundra," apparently. Monika and I went out to Gallery Night in Fort Worth with friends and drunken hilarity revealed that since I didn't know how to skin a bear, I need to be banished to the tundra of the Artic Circle to become one with nature.

-Seen on Gallery night: a series of paintings where an ostrich had it's head stuck in golf holes, and bubbles above the head revealed...ostriches thinking about other golf holes. Seriously!

-Today I showed up to jury duty for the first time in my life. Yes, it was the first time I was summoned, people! Countless hours later I was not selected for a jury on a DWI case. I think the "engineer" thing did me in. The defense seemed to want people that thought that a field sobriety test could easily be failed due to the massive pressure of nerves, wind, or a temporary fluctuation in the earth's gravitational field.

-The new Toadies album is good, but not great, but they tend to grow on me more over time. The new Slipknot is excellent if you are a death-metal kind of guy. But not if you're too much of a death-metal kind of guy because then you'll think they went too soft.