Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Let’s Brainwash Them Into Liking It!

Anyone who has heard the new Kevin Federline track, “I Have Zero Talent*,” knows that it might just be the most heaping, steaming, god-awful piece of shit ever to terrorize planet Earth. I often speak in superlatives, but seriously, it is BAD. Even DJ’s are wincing in repulsion, which must mean we won’t have to hear this filth is the future – right?!?...


“And radio airplay could soon follow. Even though Star dissed the record, he vowed to play it.

"Who am I to say to say he doesn't have his pulse on his generation?" asks Star, who added that despite the negative feedback, Federline may still have his hit.

"Radio is a mind-altering and conditioning monster within itself," he says. "You play something 45,000 times ... you're going to start singing it."”

…Ladies and Gentlemen: I give you modern radio, and yet another reason why I avoid it like the plague.

*Not the real song name, but does it matter?


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