Friday, January 06, 2006

Office Space.

The space I’m referring to is the space in my head where part of my brain disappeared and was replaced by a big pile sh-, I mean work.

Frequently lately I’ve noticed myself “zonking out” while working – tasks that used to be somewhat difficult to me have become cruise-controlled, and I tend to get them done with such oblivious efficiency that sometimes I can’t remember what I just did after I did it. This is awesome and awful at the same time.

These thoughts came to me because I was trying to remember what I did at work today and man – it was a lot. Back when I first started my job, the day consisted of surfing the internet, cruising message boards, sending e-mails, reading music reviews, perusing Corvette forums, figuring out how I was going to get a Corvette, checking stocks…this is a not-so-subtle way of saying that I did n-o-t-h-i-n-g. This is the nature of the business, I might add – now that I’m older and wiser, I finally understand that where I work, you just can’t comprehend the big picture – at all – until you’ve been there for a while. This might sound insane to you – but that’s just the way it is.

So now I am Adam-tron, tester extraordinaire (speaking of made-up names, have you heard that Nick Cage named one of his kids Kal-El?!? I’m a *huge* Superman fan, but come ON, that guy needs to be beaten senseless). The amount of work I did today probably would have taken, oh, a week or so back when I was first learning it. The only way to duplicate the expression on my face as I go through these processes is to actually extent your arms forward, walk slowly, and mumble “brrrraaaaaaaaiiiiiiinnnnnssss” under your breath.

…But who knows what I’d be doing otherwise. Music Critic, Food Critic, Movie Critic (I sense a trend), Chef, Financial Analyst, Painter (one of those painters that makes millions selling crappy paintings, that is). I’m going up to school next week; maybe some of the people with PhDs (they are extremely purposeful in pointing that out) in the career center can tell me what my purpose is in life. Rock star? That’s what I’m talking about!!!

…Ah, yes, there is a reason this blog is called “Scatterbrain.”


Anonymous Chad said...

Those career center people are quite purposeful about that, aren't they? It's almost as if they're compensating for something. I wonder...

9:46 PM  

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