Thursday, March 23, 2006


58-58. This is ridiculous. I mean, WVU has hit what, 428 3-pointers since the beginning of the 2nd half? Fine, more like 7 or 8. But still. That's insane. It's like college basketball is the "who can be the streaky 3-pointer team" game. The 3-pointer is not a rarity, but an expectation. Sigh...

I've decided that Dick Enberg is a good commentator. If anything, it's because (ha! I think he just said WVU has 39 points off of 3's, out of 58 total points) I'm an avid tennis-watcher, and he does a great job during tennis matches, so it's surprising yet satisfying to hear him comment so competently for basketball games as well. At the beginning of the second half, I noticed that he actually calculated UT's shooting percentage in his head based on their field and 3-pointer attempts (my deduction is from the fact that he actually read the stats aloud and then said " that comes out to 33%"). I know this is no feat of myth and legend, but half the commentators we have to listen to on a regular basis (see: Brent Musburger) sound like total jackasses just reading the stats off a sheet.

Enough rambling for now, though. Time to curl up in the fetal position and continually panic until this game is over...



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