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However, I cannot deny that now that I try to update Scatterbrain as often as possible, I can't help but wonder if people actually read it. As a result, Scatterbrain now features a Sitemeter so I can at least have the piece of mind that people read it on occasion. I have to admit, the tool is very cool. I think someone from Japan stumbled upon my blog once (first international visitor!); it was through clicking the "next blog" button at the top of a different, random blog they had been searching for.

Additionally, as the author of a blog named Scatterbrain, I've become a bit disgruntled that upon searching for "Scatterbrain," my blog didn't appear in any of the first 5 Google search result pages (and let's get real; if you're not on the first page, you're so uncool). In fact, I was taken aback by the fact that a different "Scatterbrain" blog popped up (page 3 or so), also hosted by Blogger, about celebrity gossip. My Father the Wise told me that I should try to cut down on the profanity, so (insert profanity here).

So, Scatterbrain is now going to begin a new quest to push itself up through the ranks of "Scatterbrain" searches. Here are a few different ways to type the word "Scatterbrain":


...Yeah, yeah, the gig's up, and I'm not very funny, but you don't have to actually raise your middle finger (while uttering profanity) at my blog! The nerve! Plus, this is such a complete ripoff of one of Chad's posts from a few months ago that I'm now hanging my head in shame (in retrospect, at least he provided a photo!) and hoping that he doesn't "unlink"me.




Anonymous Chad said...

With all due respect to your Dad, the only thing right now tempting me to unlink you is this new and untoward ban on profanity.

If you really want to increase traffic to your site, I recommend some gratuitous, fortuitious swimsuit model photos, some regular discussions of American Idol, a few mentions of Troy Polamalu's wife, and, for some inexplicable reason, the mention of "lion testicles" -- which, despite appearing in but one post eight months ago, still regularly (and frighteningly) brings browsers to TWM.

9:21 AM  

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