Friday, March 10, 2006

My Workspace.

In front of me, there are two fairly large monitors; the right monitor has two pieces of paper folded in half taped to the top so that the sun doesn’t smack me in the face between 7-8 a.m. The other monitor has no such requirement because the cube wall extends beyond it. There is a Dilbert desk calendar directly in front of the monitors, 17 pennies that I have no use for, my business card, and hand sanitizer. To the left of the monitors are 2 empty 5-lb jugs of protein that have been long conquered, a small Dogbert stuffed animal with a Christmas hat, a card that Monika surprised me with in my lunch a few months ago (that always cheer me up when I look at it at work), and a stack of CDs: The Arcade Fire, The Damage Manual, Depeche Mode, The Dresden Dolls, Badly Drawn Boy, The Mars Volta, a couple mix CD’s that Nando made for me. Pin-ups: Z06 #1, Z06 #2, a printout of my AA frequent flyer number, the Tepper FlexMode AY 2004-2005 calendar (unsurprisingly, this calendar is both outdated and fairly out of sight). Ergo keyboard tray, keyboard, and mousepad. Scroller mouse.

To the left (take a deep breath): Sennheiser HD212Pro headphones, USB extension cable held in place my copious amounts of tape, phone, headset for phone, bottle of water (Dasani, but filled with Ozarka from the community water cooler), stray yellow highlighter, 5-lb jug of EAS 100% Whey Protein (chocolate), protein shaker overturned on top of paper towels (it’s used daily, washed, then left in this position to dry), a package of earplugs, scissors, Shur-Wipes, tape, Windex, my lunch (today: Scooby-Doo fruit snacks, Promax Cookies & Cream protein bar, banana, Peanut Butter sandwich (ran out of chicken at home; will also consume a protein shake, of course), grey Polo hoodie (a bit chilly this morning), crumpled-up Target bag (accidentally left my insulated container at work a couple days ago, had to improvise, haven’t throw it away), hole-puncher, scattered Radiohead 2005 calendar cut-outs that I have no room for behind me (where 8 are pinned-up), and an air-duster (just noticed duster was there, decided to use on keyboard. Now keyboard is slightly wet, and sub-zero. I thought this thing was supposed to blast air, not ice).

Wait, there’s more! Voltron (metal, not plastic), Snoopy with a night cap, a beanie Stegosaurus, a Halo action figure, container of paper clips, Strut, Transformers (Camaro, Porsche 928, Lamborghini Countach Police Cruiser), Superman, globe paperweight, Yoda, the Hulk, Batman, 1988 Lamborghini Countach model. Pin-ups: business cards (me, the CMU admin, Asia Bowl), pictures and note from my love, pictures of me and the boys, picture of Royal Memorial Stadium in Austin, Tepper AY 2005-2006 calendar, LM 2006 planning calendar, large Longhorn magnet, The Hulk magnet. On top of my hutch, there is a Tepper mouse pad, a really mean-looking Spawn action figure, a UT football bobblehead, and Al, a freaking huge ball of aluminum foil on which I’ve drawn a happy face.


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