Monday, March 13, 2006

Tagged Again!

Let’s do this:

My Nicknames: Which ones to choose? There have been so many over the years. “The Badger” is the most recent, but there were some classics back in the day – “Feeber” was a longtime nickname coined by Justin (my older brother) that was a play on the word “feeble.” Amusingly, my next nickname was “Beefy,” which he somehow decided on since I was fat when I was a little kid…even though today we think of someone “beefy” as being ripped. See also: A-Mack, Mack-Daddy, Big Mack, and every other obnoxious combination of "Mack" people could come up with.

My Hometown: Houston, TX.

My Teams: Astros and Rangers baseball (one NL, one AL, and hell will freeze over before they play against each other in the Series), and Texas Longhorn athletics, particularly football.

My Theme Song: anything by Radiohead.

My Drinks: Water, skim milk, protein shakes made with skim milk, and cranberry juice.

My Occupations: embedded software engineer, student.

My Spare Time: spare……time??? The top 3 are tennis, weightlifting, and music.

My Guilty Pleasure: Any TV I get to watch – Lost, Simpsons, Desperate Housewives. I’d say Monika’s baked goods, but let’s be serious – I don’t feel guilty at all about eating them! It’s also a great motivator for the never-ending-work-out.

My Hiding Place: music.

My Books: I wish I were even 1% as literate as some of my family and friends, but I do enjoy anything by Bret Easton Ellis, and a myriad of sci-fi books. Also, I’m a big fan of mysteries.

My Hero: I'm going to have to cop out on this for now...until I have time to write a lengthy response.

My Tags: Monika, Robby, and Chanan.


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