Thursday, March 16, 2006

"We need Cheetos - NOW!"

Article here.

"The 23-year-old Roddick, who finished 2003 at No. 1 and now is ranked No. 3, may simply be trying too hard.

"It's just weird because, I don't know, I used to hit for a half-hour and then go eat Cheetos the rest of the day, come out and drill forehands," he said.

"Now I'm really trying to make it happen, being professional, really going for it -- and I miss my Cheetos.""

Since I'm a player that's also had my share of "playing against myself" at times, I feel for Andy. Particularly because he's the centerpiece of American tennis at this point, he feels a lot of pressure. I do think that there is a lot of merit to the argument that he's trying too hard and taking everything too seriously, though. The last time I saw Roddick play was in Houston for the Masters 2003 tournament (I think that was it), back when he still had Brad Gilbert on his team. They hit some balls for a while, and at the end of practice, Roddick ran over to his bag to get an unstrung frame, gripping it at the head, and swung it baseball-style while Brad fed balls to him...they were cracking up and having a great time.

It's too bad that all the sports writers say that Roddick and Gilbert will get back together "when hell freezes over," because it sounds like Andy could use some batting practice.


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