Sunday, May 07, 2006

Here We Go Again...

(I wrote this earlier, and just got an internet connection to post it.)

Right now I’m on AA3361 heading to Pittsburgh for another Fast Week. Of course, that also means that my flight was delayed by an hour earlier and my luggage will most likely be lost when I arrive. Sigh.

As usual, it promises to be a lot of work and a lot of fun. I only hope I can make it through without spontaneously combusting due to my body finally giving in to the incessant, massive load of work I have on my plate. “Work-work” has been particularly bad lately; I actually worked the last couple Saturdays, which was joyous, as you might imagine. Can you say “deadlines?”

The particularly bad work^2 makes schoolwork seem particularly brutal. Mini 4 just finished (my partner and I turned in our last big paper last night around midnight), and although it was honestly “typical” in terms of the workload, it seemed like pure misery for the entire 7-week duration. At least during Fast Week, I won’t have to worry about work^2. Well, other than the looming thought in the back of my mind that it will be brutal when I get back. Just thinking about the rest of this year wears me out. I’m ready for the honeymoon (which I’ll experience literally in a couple months, and figuratively when I’m finished with classes, hopefully).

Other random thoughts:

The new Tool album came out last Tuesday. Support good music – go buy it. It’s excellent. They’ve chosen to stay the path the carved with “Lateralus,” which means the songs are more along the lines of a series of epics than bite-size nuggets.

Although I know I shouldn’t, I have a hard time resisting Amazon’s online reviews when new records come out – you have to love comments such as “Once again, they have failed to repeat the catchy, short nature of the songs on “Undertow.” I don’t like it.” No, what you don’t like it artistic integrity, and what you do like is poppy crap, you imbeciles. Read the lyrics to “Wings” Parts I and II (Maynard’s homage to his late mother who was paralyzed when he was young), and if you aren’t moved, you have the emotive capacity of a fruit fly.

Of course, I’ve been so swamped that I’ve managed to get through “10,000 Hours” only once over the course of the week, and I’ll need at least 25 or so more listens before I can begin to place it in the hierarchy of Tool goodness, but my gut feeling is very positive. Then again, trying to rank Tool albums has become commensurate with ranking Radiohead albums for me – they are all so good, as soon as you name one you start wincing at not naming another.

I’m wearing my Astros cap right now, but the Rangers (my surrogate home team) have been kicking ass lately. Of course, this has negative correlation with me and Monika’s presence – somehow, we’ve brought a curse upon the Rangers organization. I don’t think we’ve seen them win a game in years. The other night, we were channel-flipping and landed on a game – we were beating the A’s by 2. Our closer comes in, blows it, and the rest is history. So, go Rangers! We’ll try not to watch you too often.

The plane is beginning its slow descent into the Pittsburgh airport, when the blitzkrieg will begin once again. Truthfully, I try to remain thankful that life is so hectic these days. One day, when Monika and I have rugrats, it’ll be nice to tell them about our crazy jet-setting ways. There’s no fun in stagnation, right? If “fun” is the wrong word, then there is definitely nothing to be learned from it. I hope I never stop learning.


Anonymous Chad said...

I promise that your afternoons will be a whole hell of a lot of fun. A little meditation. A little instigation. And a whole lot of inspiration. At the very least, you'll have plenty of fodder for Scatterbrain posting.

Let the words flow and the madness begin!

9:17 PM  
Anonymous TheBarmaid said...

Adam: I hate you a little bit for getting to spend a week in one of Chad's classes. I'm so jealous. Soak it all in for those of us who don't get to but wish we could.

11:25 PM  
Blogger robby said...

talking "rugrats" already?


have fun in hell week!

1:36 PM  
Blogger Sushi & Chocolate said...

yeah, what is this mention of "rugrats"...

4:53 PM  

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