Sunday, April 23, 2006


I decided to add a few links to blogs I (try to) regularly read, since you should regularly read them:

Cooking lessons. - My better half's foodie blog. You wish you could eat as well as I do! I have the luckiest stomach on earth.
Writing lessons. - Teacher. Wordsmith. Madman. Such a good teacher that he rekindled my desire to write.
Your ears will thank you. - Radiohead's site. Not spectacular, but since it's Radiohead it gets the link.
Love and Haterade - I discovered this site through TWM. I still think Crash was a good movie (inside joke), but nevertheless, she is an amazing writer and inspires me to be better.
Anonymous Lawyer - Freaking hilarious.
The Dilbert Blog - I'm an engineer. I think that's justification enough...



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