Saturday, July 15, 2006

Good News for the Clean-Car Obsessed!

We all know that Zaino produces the best car polish in the world (this is probably where you glaze over and hit that 'x' in the upper-right-hand corner if you have no clue what I'm talking about), but for those of us that wash our car at least once a week, it gets tiresome spending big bucks on Zaino's car wash soap, which is very expensive for a pretty small bottle. Over the last couple years, I have determined that the polish is irreplaceable, but figured there must be a worthy alternative for the soap; after all, it's just soap, albeit a formula that's not so harsh as to remove all polish and wax (like Dawn will, or most of the soap used in any public car wash, etc.). Today, I bit the bullet and tried Meguiar's Gold Class soap, purchased from Target in a massive jug, and gave it a whirl. The jug indicated that the soap would not remove car wash polish, but I was skeptical until now. I just finished washing my car, and I'm happy to report that the Meguiar's soap performed identically to my typical Zaino Z-7.

The moment of zen here, of course, is the cost savings. A 16 fluid ounce bottle of Z-7 is $9, and the Meguiar's I used tonight was $11 for 128 fluid ounces. That translates to getting 654% more Meguiar's for the money. Additionally, an unexpected (and a little strange) benefit of the Meguiar's is that is doesn't smell as good as the Zaino soap. Z-7 smells delicious, and bugs think so too, so those little bastards typically attack my car while I'm drying it. No such problem with the Meguiar's, which smells like "soap."

If you're wallet is growing ever-lighter due to your prolific consumption of car wash soap, but you want "good stuff," Scatterbrain recommends Meguiar's Gold Class. You'll be happy with the results.


Blogger robby said...

i have been using Meguiar's Gold Class for years. i agree - it's good stuff. it does the job and nothing more. of course, i'm the type of guy who rarely washes his truck. it's a TRUCK for crying out loud! i just realized that i haven't washed my truck since i moved to colorado...


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