Sunday, July 09, 2006


I almost forgot to mention -- I am now a member of the iPod army, thanks to a few of my groomsmen. Tonight is my first night using it (while cleaning the bathroom and other joyous chores - you've got to love it), but my first overall comment is that if I were strapped with cash, I'd buy one once a day just to have the pleasure of unwrapping it. Many friends and I have debated whether Apple is a "technology company" or "marketing company," but let me say regardless of which side you stand on, the iPod packaging is amazing. I almost didn't want to open it since it was so elegantly crammed into its small, sleek box.

I'm already feeling the urge to rip every one of my albums into mp3s. I think I have a new project coming up when I'm finished with school...

Tonight I listened to The Cure - The Cure, Alice in Chains - Live, and Tool - Undertow.


Anonymous Chad said...

You get married and you get your first iPod in the same week. Awesome. If you had managed to have your first child last week as well, you would have pulled off the life-changing hat-trick in record time!

1:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i wouldn't rip the albums. you lose some sound quality. plus, Murphy's Law dictates that you will have only 1-3 hours to listen to your newly ripped tunes.

then your music will spontaneously delete itself. I know. it's happened.

congrats, btw.


1:15 PM  
Anonymous Chad said...

With all due respect to the captain... the albums. All of 'em.

If you're obsessively concerned about sound quality, you can rip them at full quality, or with Apple's lossless codec, and you will not lose anything. Or you can rip them in the AAC codec at a high, custom-configured rate, and the difference will be indistinguishable. Or you can rip them at Apple's standard 128 kbps AAC rate and the difference, while noticeable at high volumes through outboard speakers, will be neglible at best. In any case, you'll listening to a portable music player, almost exclusively through low- to mid-priced ear buds, and you will rarely if ever be pumping the sound through any sort of high-end equipment; the sound quality in any of those scenarios, for how you intend to use and hear the music, will be outstanding.

Bottom line: if audiophile quality is that important to you, you should only be listening to CDs on high-end equipment to begin with. If full sound quality is that important, then sacrifice some storage space -- God knows the iPods have plenty of that to burn -- and go with the high bit-rates. If actually having your music on the go is important to you -- and I suspect that it is -- then rip those albums ASAP.

Meanwhile, I and several million other iPod/iTunes users will still be waiting for our music to spontaneously delete itself. You know, because it hasn't happened to us.

6:04 PM  
Blogger robby said...

i say PAY A BUM to rip them for you

your time is much too valuable to be wasted sitting in front of your cd-rom

and once you're done ripping them, you'll have hundreds of decorative drink coasters at your disposal

1:48 PM  

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