Friday, August 25, 2006

Obsessive? Part 2.

A few months ago I pondered how I might attract more traffic to Scatterbrain. My friend Chad responded that the road to success lied in waxing philosophical about lion's testicles and Troy Polamalu's wife, which were sure-fire ways to obtain random hits. Interestingly enough, as I scanned my SiteMeter results a few minutes ago, I found that my site has been hit quite a few times by searches for "Polamalu's wife" via Google. And I never even made such a post! Said Google hits are actually locating Chad's comment responding to my original "Obsessive" post! Unbelievable. But, alas, I accept my fate.

So, my friends, welcome to Polamalu's Wife Blog, your one-stop shop for Polamalu's wife, Polamalu himself, and Polamalu's massive hair (actually, for the record, I hear Polamalu is actually a really great guy).

Just to make sure you're not feeling ripped off, since you no doubt clicked on my link to see pictures of Polamalu's wife, here's a hot picture of her for your viewing pleasure: