Tuesday, September 12, 2006


It’s unfortunate that I’ve become totally attached to my cell phone, because it really sucks. Think about it. You pay about triple what you used to pay for your land-line per month for bad reception and lost calls. Whereas you used to have a large headset, sometimes equipped with a gigantic pad, you now have a phone that is too large to be invisible in your pocket but way too small to wedge between your head and shoulder without injuring your neck. We see even more backlash with the person randomly talking to themselves (or you? Who the hell knows?) through a Bluetooth headset that’s connected to the phone in their pocket (or they’re just trying to look like they’re important).

Like I said, I’m totally attached, though, and feel a slight twinge of sheer panic when I realize that I’ve left my phone at home and I’m – gasp – DRIVING somewhere, where anything could happen and I might need a phone to call for help! At least no one can argue against their utility for real emergency situations where you truly need to get a hold of someone. I just hope that if one of those events occurs, my fickle phone will actually RING.


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