Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Today's news vaguely reminds me of one of my first posts.

"On Tuesday, congressional Democrats put pressure on the administration to disclose more analysis by the intelligence community on Iraq and the new generation of Islamic terrorists."

I don't want to sound redundant. But again, when we have information that's potentially damaging to NATIONAL SECURITY, it pisses me off when idiot politicians trivialize it over party differences:

"House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-California, asked that the chamber go into secret session to discuss the intelligence reports, something the House has not done since 1983. The proposal was denied by a vote of 171-217 along mostly party lines."

Really professional, you turd-buckets. Way to do what's best for your little club instead of what's best for the country.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is why I put the clothes pin firmly on my nose and (still) vote for Republicans. Sadly the Dems. have presented no alternative plan which would improve what the Reps. have tried. And I stipulate that the Reps. have raised incompetence to new and scary levels.
jwm iii
p.s. - remember if you don't VOTE, you cannot complain (:-)

1:08 PM  

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