Thursday, September 14, 2006



You have to believe that when we die, there is some sort of parity in what happens to us. Hopefully most people with good hearts who try to live well will be rewarded with their choice of heavenly accommodations. And hopefully the aforementioned piece of human waste is on the receiving end of a perpetual gang-bang by a bunch of really ugly demons in hell right now.

Make no mistake, I think that going on a shooting rampage is right up there with the most despicable things a human can do, but the poison cherry on top of all these acts is these people killing themselves every time. It’s just not fair. If you have the audacity to commit such a heinous crime, you should have the balls to stand up to society and explain yourself. By shooting yourself instead, you not only prove to the world that you had no good reason in your head for what you did, but that you’re also a spineless prick. Have fun rotting in hell, you coward.


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