Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Prepare to drop your jaw – the weathermen have been dead accurate for the last month. It blows me away. I blame everything on a climate that has been far too predictable lately – it’s just been giving the forecast away! Come on now, Mother Nature, put those dolts in their place.

Overreacting is highly annoying, unless it’s by me, of course. My apartment complex picks up trash on M/W/F. In the past, I’d put out the trash around 7:30, right before I leave for work, and it would be gone before I got home. A couple months ago, though, there was a trend starting where the trash would still be lying around the complex at 6:00 in the evening when I’d get home. The place was beginning to look like a dump, and I think that enough people complained (including me) that they decided to outsource the trash pickup to people other than their maintenance guys. Well, now the trash is being picked up at some mystery time before I’m awake. However, supposedly they’ll fine you $20 per bag for putting your bags out on the curb the night before. Riiiiight.

Miles the man, but he has no clue yet. He whimpers at the sight of dogs half his size and just sort of freezes up. He thinks he’s a lap-dog. He literally has no conception of how large he is – it’s hilarious. Example: “I can walk under this object because I’m a little puppy.” *Clunk* He bangs his head. When we throw him a tennis ball, he has a hard time picking it up because when he extends his paw to draw the ball closer to him, he “overshoots” it but has no idea why. I’m also fairly amused by how big his dumps are already. I think I’m going to need a much bigger bag…


Blogger robby said...

what? did you get a dog? did i miss something?

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