Saturday, October 07, 2006

Back when I Had Time to Read...

I've been tagged by the Barmaid, so I must oblige.

First, I must warn you - I have read virtually nothing over the last two years (for leisure, that is) and generally, when I read, I am a sci-fi dork. Odd, but true.

One book that changed your life

One book you've read more than once
The Lord of the Rings series (after the movies, I had to re-read these for a comparison. Like Chad mentioned on his blog, typically the movie pales in comparion to the books, but I had to do a double-take on these)

One book you'd want on a desert island
The Bible (don't interpret this as religious zealotry, by the way - it's more along the lines of the length, the diversity of stories, and the open-endedness of interpretations.)

One book that made you cry
Nothing I can think of (I tend to shy away from tragedies)

One book that made you laugh
The Dilbert Principal

One book that was best read as a child
The Wizard of Oz

One book you wish you had written
Ender's Game

One book you are currently reading
The Management Game handbook

One book you have been meaning to read
Rich Dad, Poor Dad

One book that rolls its eyes at you from your bookshelf
All the 800-page monsters recently written in the Dune series (they tell me the odds I'll finally get around to them are slim).

One book you are ashamed to admit to loving
I'm shamless (seriously)

One book that made you think
American Psycho

One person whose list I'd like to read


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