Monday, January 15, 2007


-The move is complete. We are now sleeping in the house and all our stuff has moved from point A to point B. Shunning repeated declarations that we’d be living out of boxes for a few months, almost everything is unpacked. The only boxed-zone is the study, which is going to take a lot of time since we need shelf space. In the apartment, we had two built-in bookshelves and a desk hutch we populated with books, pictures, and the like. The house has none of that (we aren’t using aforementioned desk any more). We need to make a trip to the furniture store to find some reasonably priced bookshelves before we can organize the study.

Additionally, the master bedroom is unpacked, but in a bit of disarray. Long story short – we’re waiting on availability for the bedroom set we want. The damn things are just sold out everywhere.

-My TV rules. Yesterday I bought a stand and a good over-the-air antenna and hooked everything up. Lo and behold, I now have beautiful HD TV for FREE. It’s a shame that Food Network and ESPN aren’t broadcast over the air, because otherwise we wouldn’t need to pay the hefty monthly fees for cable or satellite.

-24 rules. I avoided the show like the plague as it gained momentum because I was in school and knew I didn’t have the time. All bets are off now. I enjoyed last night’s two-hour premier as I will tonight. And every Sunday. We still need a DVR, though. This “advertisements” nonsense between my TV show is annoying.

-It’s massively cold outside. The roads are iced over, but nevertheless we had to come into work. It took an hour and a half to get in today.

-Houses are expensive – I can see your utter lack of surprise from here. But seriously – who’d have thought how much various bobbles and bolt-ons would cost? I went to Lowe’s in search of a towel hook and found they were all $15! Of course, this was before Monika chastised me (rightly so) and pointed out that I was looking in the bathroom décor aisle – the hooks we needed were actually in the hardware aisle. I exchanged two $15 hooks for one $3 double-hook. Nice.

-I got a garage door opener from my parents-in-law for my birthday, which will hopefully be installed ASAP (Wednesday at the latest, but there might be an opening today). It’s pretty annoying to manually open the garage, pull out the car, hop out, close the garage door, lock the garage entry door, go through the front door, lock the front door, and return to the car. You got tired just reading that. Now imagine doing it about 4,000 times per day. Either way, it’s still SO much better than parking outside that I’d take the garage-shake-up option any day.

-I’ll keep you all updated!


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