Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Food Coma.

Here's an approximation of how I feel at the moment:

Today was the annual company Christmas luncheon. Instead of crappy cafeteria-catered food, we went to Texas de Brazil, a local churrascaria. That roughtly translates to "meat buffet." Each place setting has a card with says "give me meat" on one side and "please, make it stop" on the other. If you want to get your money's (or free lunch's) worth you leave the card on green the whole time and get your entire day's worth of protein in one sitting. Of course, the downfall of this strategy is the impending fight for territory once all those animals are locked down in your stomach. A herd of cattle is currently occupying a large portion of Stomachville and engaging in quite the ruckus with the other wildlife. Wish me luck for a speedy recovery.


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