Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Wal-Mart Sucks.

Really, I shouldn't bother writing anything else because it's pretty self-explanatory.

Perhaps it's accentuated by the fact that Monika and I frequent Target so often, which has similar prices but is infinitely more pleasant. Or perhaps it's the fact that I typically never go to Wal-Mart outside of 10 pm - 8 am, i.e. when everything else is closed - maybe that's when they allow the super-disgruntled employees into the store.

Any way you slice it, the entire shopping experience there is highly unpleasant for me. It's crowded, messy, cluttered, and filled with assholes. Maybe I should try going there during the day.


Blogger Joe said...

You should check out The Wal-Mart Effect on audiobook and you'll find out why the Wal-Mart experience sux for us all. Be thankful you don't work there!

11:11 PM  

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