Thursday, March 22, 2007

Not Even Close!

What am I talking about in the subject? The fact that Sanjaya wasn't even close to being voted out of American Idol this week. He wasn't in the bottom two.

I read somewhere that Howard Stern is encouraging his listeners to "vote for the worst." I find it hard to believe that the actual turnout has anything to do with what Stern says, though, because his average listener is more interested in porn than a singing competition, and would clearly be too lazy to actually call in and vote for some competition for which they couldn't care less. Right?!

So that means that the viewing public didn't place Sanjaya in their bottom two slots last night. People actually thought Stephanie Edwards and Chris Richardson were worse?

I blame everything on the crying girl, who got more airtime during Sanjaya's performance than Sanjaya himself. "We can't vote him off - it'll hurt that little girl's feelings!"

You pansies!!!


Anonymous radiohou said...

Don't bash on my people.

8:59 PM  

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