Monday, April 09, 2007

Random String Comments of the Day.

I string my rackets (Wilson NSix-One 95 16x18) at about 65 lbs. with Prince Polygut 17 mains and Wilson Extreme Synthetic Gut crosses. Upon visiting Tennis Express this past weekend, which is tennis shopping heaven, I discovered that my Polygut strings have been discontinued. So it's time to make a swap.

After a long discussion with a pro there, I purchased a set of Luxilon Big Banger ALU 125mm string (16L, they call it, although it has the same diameter as 17...?) and Babolat Pro Hurricane 17. The Luxilon is a poly-sythetic hybird and the Babolat is a pure poly. Both of them "feel" like pure poly string - the Luxilon actually feels a bit more brittle, although also a bit softer, which is odd.

When I hit with them tomorrow, I'll report back.


Anonymous RadioHou said...

Why don't you take a little of that extra time and finally string my racket, Badger, you sonofa...

12:31 PM  
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