Thursday, March 29, 2007

Miles the Lap Dog.

Miles is a not-so-little puppy now. Here is a recent picture. Note that his head looks a little disproportionately large here since it's closer in the foreground than everything else in the picture, but this is still a reasonable indicator of how big he is:

That picture is of me trying to get his paranoid butt to sleep on the bed we bought him. Yes, that's right, if there is a single word I find most appropriate to describe our puppy, it's "paranoid." He is one of the most lovable and well-mannered dogs I've ever met, but he acts like everything is a big conspiracy. The bed is a good example. "I haven't seen this before. Is this supposed to be here? Hmm. Maybe I'll take a sniff. WHOA now, I think I got a little too close to it. What? You want me to lay on that thing? But I don't even know it that well! NOOO!" *Runs*
It's a three-ring circus getting him to lay on his bed every night. And the only way we can get him to do it is by laying an old comforter on top if it, which he was sleeping on beforehand. Hey, if he can't see the wacky new bed, out of mind, right?
He is also the world's biggest lap dog. When you are sitting on the ground, Miles does what I call the "Sit 'n' Lean." He sits, then leans against you to such an extent that if you were to magically disappear, he'd literally fall over.
What can I say? He loves his mommy and daddy. I can now easily see why dogs are referred to as "man's best friend." I had a dog growing up, but that was really my parents' dog. Miles is our dog, and he certainly acts like it.


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