Thursday, April 12, 2007

“We’re Going to Sue that Racist Cracker.”

RUTGERS CAMPUS: In a move that surprised few, on Wednesday members of the Rutgers women’s basketball team declared “we’re going to sue that racist cracker,” for Don Imus’ controversial remarks last week. Imus has been the source of much criticism the past week, spurring comments from the Rev. Al Sharpton such as “what he said is the greatest insult ever said about a group of people in the history of this planet,” then after a brief pause, added “or any other planet. Ever.”

Focus groups met on the Rutgers campus early this week to talk about the pain and suffering they experienced after they heard that “some white guy” on the radio called them something that they are called on average 23,823 times per day as they listen to rap stations. “Look, when Lil’ John says ‘’till the sweat drips off my b*lls, ‘till all these b*tches crawl’ it’s accompanied by loud bass that I can dance to, so it’s a-ok with me. And of course he’s black. But some whitey saying that s**t? Hell, no.”

Imus, attending a local KKK meeting, could not be reached for comments.