Tuesday, June 26, 2007


The world seems too unstable these days. I just read an article about a 3rd homicide in 4 days in an area of Fort Worth that a friend of mine works; he has been the first officer on site for all 3 shootings.

Another headliner is Chris Benoit, a professional wrestler who apparently killed his wife and child, then himself, becoming yet another member of "too pathetic to leave your family out of your pathetic, cowardly exit" club.

BREAKING NEWS: Paris is out of jail...

...While one story that flew under the radar was this. We do not negotiate with terrorists. But if we pay them off, that's...uh...different?

North Korea's upcoming news headline: "Idiot Americans Give Us Heaping Piles of Money We Can Spend on Different Weapons to Kill Them All."

In the meantime, there are ever-looming environmental concerns - are the concerns even real? If we all start hugging trees will it even make a difference, or are we part of a cycle that's inevitable, but we are accelerating by a few hundred years? Of course, it's impossible to find an unbiased opinion, since the leftist scientists unequivocally support their agenda, and the right supports theirs.

John Edwards and his wife were on Leno last night, commenting on the fact that despite her cancer, they are still tearing up the campaign trail. This is what their purpose is, they said. And you can't help but believe that no matter how screwed up, power-hungry, or misled past and present politicians have been, they truly must want to make a difference for the better to jump in the fire with all this madness. Or their just crazy, which is also possible.


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