Monday, September 15, 2008


-Who cares how many houses John and Cindy McCain have? Attention idiots: politicians, by and large, are rich. Obama might not have as many houses, but he also didn't marry a wealthy heiress. Why don't people ever talk to the candidates about issues instead of picking apart their personal lives?

-USC fans are incredibly douchey. I witnessed the massive drubbing that was USC vs. OSU this past weekend, which mind you wasn't even enjoyable because it was such a beat-down, and noticed toward the end of the game that half the USC fans had left. They left a massive drubbing of a huge top-5 rival. That absolutely blows my mind - no, I'm lying, it doesn't blow my mind because I've come to expect it from USC fans, since they are douchebags.

-Yes, I'm sure there are many good USC fans, but come on. Half-empty?!

-Metallica: YES, YES, YES. Death Magnetic is so good I wanted to shed tears of joy when I gave it my inaugural listen. Yes, I was jaded too and thought St. Anger was pretty bad. Don't let your hate for Metallica's last few albums and refusal to believe that anything can touch "the trilogy" get in the way. Go buy it and enjoy.

-Hurricane Ike ended up being pretty weak up here in DFW. Everyone I know in Houston is okay but many are without power. To those that remained in Galveston despite "imminent death" warnings, yet still called 911 asking for help after the fact: you are even lamer than USC fans.


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