Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Toadies – Back in Action!

I believe it was a week ago today that I was spontaneously moved to listen to “Rubberneck,” and sighed as I reminisced about what a great band the Toadies were. That is, they broke up years ago, which you know unless you’ve been living under a rock, or just live outside of Texas and have never heard of them (despite the fact that they are a platinum-selling band – but that’s another story).

Monika found out that there are performing a reunion concert on The Knot, of all sources (is there anything that The Knot *can’t* do?!). I was shocked, amazed, and immediately went to to buy away, for the insanely low price of FIVE dollars a pop. God bless this band.

And all of a sudden we fans breathe a sigh of relief that their parting words from a few years back didn’t ultimately ring true, and that time hasn’t run out...

“Catch that light
It falls in subtle patterns
It crawls in and tells them when their time is up
And now it's over
Where have you gone
You're still a part of me”


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