Friday, March 24, 2006

5 Things.

The preview for next Wednesday’s Lost revealed that 5 things from the next episode will blow our minds. Here are a couple different versions of what I think will happen:

1. Jack will be totally convinced that Henry isn’t one of the Others, and will let him go. On his way out the door, Henry will say “PWN3D!” (however you pronounce that) and then run away while muttering “muaaaahahahaha!” and twiddling his fingers.

2. Hurley will come to the revelation that since he’s so much richer than the other island inhabitants, he has to start walking around with a “crunk goblet.”

3. Locke, totally convinced that he’ll forever remain in Jack’s shadow, will return to Deltron-5.

4. Sawyer and Kate will make sweet, sweet love.

5. During 4, Sawyer will discover that indeed, Kate has a huge rod up her ass.


1. We’ll find out that Henry isn’t actually one of the others. However, Sayid will be convinced that he is, and that he’s indirectly responsible for Shannon’s death, and kill him.

2. During the commotion caused by 1, the gang totally forgets to enter “the numbers” into the computer. Locke makes a mad dash, but he’s too late.

3. During the commotion caused by 2, Sun will be kidnapped by the Others (for the baby)...

4. …Walt and/or Michael will do the kidnapping.

5. Finally, we’ll discover that indeed, Kate has a huge rod up her ass.


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