Wednesday, October 25, 2006

"Chinese Democracy" - Coming Soon?

I don't care how much you hate Guns n' Roses, you have to be intrigued by an album that was supposed to come out 10 YEARS AGO (that's over a third of my life thus far). And it looks like there are some juicy tidbits floating around the atmosphere indicating that it might really come out this year. Only "really" this time might actually mean really.

I bought Guns tickets in 2003, when they were supposedly going to be on a world tour. Of course, that was canceled and Axl went back into reclusivity, and I was pissed off. In fact, I'm sure I mentioned something about hating Guns before I popped in Use Your Illusion I and wept like a baby. In fact, I probably proclaimed that I'd never go to a Guns concert again for fear of Axl flaking out again or taking his trademark 2 hours to come out after the opening band (boo!). But I take it all back Axl, seriously! I am dying to hear this album. I will be at the store Radiohead-style to pick this thing up, and if you know me you know that's pretty significant.

Of course, seeing, hearing, and absorbing is believing in this case. I'll not only have had to purchase the CD, but actually listen to it, read the liner notes, and scoff at Axl's hideous dreadlocks immortalized in an album cover something like 123.52 times before I'll actually believe I possess the album. And that will take a while.

But certainly not another 10 years.


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