Monday, November 06, 2006

Totally "Lost."

I won’t rehash what’s been going on this season because those of you who watch it are enamored with it like me, and those of you who don’t will fall asleep. So, for now, let me just say this: I have read and truly believe that the writers know exactly what’s going on with every dynamic plot line. And if they really do, we’re going to get one of the most satisfying payoffs in the history of television when we find out. However, please read this as me shaking my fist, with a really intimidating look on my face, with some huge friends of mine that can totally beat you up standing next to me, saying you BETTER know what’s going on with all these plot lines! I found this list on a message board, and just seeing all these compiled into one place is a reminder of how insane the revelation will have to be to explain all this in one fell swoop:

“Polar Bears, Smoke Monsters, Giant ships in the middle of an island, A 4 Toed Statue, Abandoned Science projects, magical food that drops from the sky, mysterious island hallucinations, Murder, Death, Torture, Kidnapping, Separation from family and friends, lack of nicotine, Amnesia, a mysterious “sickness”, Syringes, planes full of Heroin, Hot air balloons, Army training, Imprisonment, Electric shocks, forced labor, etc”

I want a revelation that’s Twin Peaks satisfying. For those of you who were obsessed with TP like me, you may remember the moment we found out who “Bob” was. I kid you not, I almost shat my pants at that moment, and consider it the bar when it comes to shocking revelations. Close followers – Sixth Sense satisfying. Usual Suspects satisfying.

I plead to you, dear Lost writers. I don’t know how long you intend to build up the disposition, but whenever you reach that point where you feel it’s logical to stop dangling the carrot, let us have it! Don’t give it to us in pieces. I want to be smacked silly. I want to feel the need to re-watch every episode of this freaking show that night.

And whatever you do, don’t wait too long before get to said revelation either. You keep getting juicier and juicier, and I’m not going anywhere, but if we reach the end of season 3 next year without a jaw-dropper, I’m going to be fairly disgruntled. Besides, if you guys are as smart as I hope you are, you’ll have at least 2 more season’s worth of material after the revelation just tying up all the character explanations and the grand “escape” from the island (and yes, that’s in quotes for a reason).

Lost Wednesday: I think we’re going to find out something huge. Nay, we pretty much have to since the show will take a break ‘till next February or so while ABC shows “Groundhog Day,” so they’ll need to lock us in for a few months. I have one side-comment/question for anyone in the meantime, though – have any of the “Others” legitimately killed any of the islanders yet? Because I sure can’t think of any instances…


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