Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Writing and maintaining a blog is an interesting thing. My blog is called “Scatterbrain” because my head is typically filled with all random thoughts that don’t really fall under a particular category (plus the Radiohead shout-out, of course). However, over time, the scattered blog has taken the shape of something that is more structured than I expected. For example, Scatterbrain is typically filled with music reviews, movie reviews, simple drawings, paintings, various complaints, or my “Misc.” entries of random thoughts that actually originated many years ago to one of my friends.

Thus it’s an interesting situation when you have to use the filter in your head to decide whether or not something seems appropriate for placement on your blog. For example, yesterday I was re-introduced to an annoying ding on my credit report that first cropped up almost a year ago. I thought about calling out all the companies involved, a la the complaint about Apple customer service a couple weeks ago, but instead refrained – something like this is a little too personal, I think. Plus this is something that actually must be resolved because it’s a life-changing issue. So, the filter sucked it out.

Earlier today, I wrote some friends with what I find to be a gut-wrenchingly hilarious account of using the facilities at work. I thought about posting it here, but again had to take pause. I happen to find juvenile bathroom humor absolutely hilarious, but as I’ve grown older, I’ve found that others have a different opinion. So when it comes to the question of whether or not to post my hilarious story on Scatterbrain, I think…I’ll pass. Because someone might show up, linked from one of the more reputable sources that point to my blog, and the next thing I know, my dad could be getting questions from his sister as to why I’m writing about clogging the waterworks on my blog (and of course, you now have the embedded amusement that I put that comment in here anyway).

I feel like such a responsible young lad now. At the same time, I can sense random “unfiltered” posts arriving in the future…