Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Shiny Objects.

“Scatterbrain” makes a lot of sense for my blog title, because I’m easily distracted. Just now I was sifting through e-mails trying to figure out my “to do” list, and came across a message reminding me to pay my tuition for my last Mini of school. Suddenly I received an IM from a coworker about something I’ve already forgotten and only now, two hours later, remembered to pay my tuition. But that was only because I came across a reminder I had placed in a different location. Had I simply deleted the first e-mail and forgotten to pay it, it might have been lost in the void forever. And then I wouldn’t receive my diploma, and that would be bad.

These instances happen to me all the time, though. The best is watching TV. I’ll be watching a program which segues into commercials, so I’ll flip the channel to something else to avoid watching said commercials. Then suddenly, I’ll forget what I was watching. What was it?! I was really enjoying whatever that was. I think.

What was my point here?